About me

My name is Chris Walter and I’ve been taking photographs for nearly 40 years. I specialise in images of the natural world; mountains and forests on land and ocean animals and reefs underwater. I would describe my approach as "artistic" rather than "journalistic".

For many years I took only monochrome images and produced silver gelatin images. I also designed and built my own cameras. “Project 12x6” is a series of images taken with two cameras I built; one landscape and one underwater. Both cameras use the Schneider 47mm XL lens and a 12cm x 6cm medium format back. You only get six images for a roll of film, which is a bit of an issue underwater.

More recently I have moved into the digital age.
I designed and built an amphibious digital camera which uses a Hasselblad H4D40 digital back and Nikonos underwater lenses. A digital Nikonos camera was never produced commercially, but the incredible quality of the Hasselblad digital system combined with the near-perfect optics of the Nikonos lenses works really well.
Hasselblad were amazingly supportive during the development of this camera and I would like to thank them for all their help.

As well as the Hasselblad, I now use a Sony A7R III (with a Nauticam housing underwater).
The Nauticam housing allows me to continue suing my Nikonos lenses which have been with me since I first went underwater.

Most of my mountain photographs are from the Swiss Alps and the mountains of Italy. For my underwater work I travel the globe, but for my forest images, most are taken near my home in the New Forest.

I hope you enjoy them.

Images are for sale printed on C Type archival paper by ThePrintSpace in London.
Roughly 20” x 27”: £75 including UK postage
Roughly 30” x 40”: £125 including UK postage
Roughly 40” x 55”: £250 including UK postage