About me

My name is Chris Walter and I have been taking traditional black & white images on land and underwater for over twenty five years. I still use film cameras and produce silver gelatin prints as well as the latest digital systems.

Unusually, I design and build my own cameras: landscape and underwater, film and digital.
Currently I am using two 12x6 medium format cameras built around the Schneider 47mm XL lens. One is for landscape and is made of wood, the other is an underwater camera and isn’t. The major drawback of the underwater system is that you only get six shots per film.
I have also designed and built an amphibious digital camera which uses a Hasselblad H4D40 back and Nikonos underwater lenses. A digital Nikonos camera was never produced commercially, but the incredible quality of the Hasselblad digital system combined with the near-perfect optics of the Nikonos lenses works really well.
Hasselblad have been amazingly supportive during the development of this camera and I would like to thank them for all their help. If you would like to know more about the design of these cameras and why I built them, then I’ll be adding an article to the website later in the year.

Underwater, I take images of everything from pods of mighty sperm whales to beautiful coral reefs to my own garden wildlife pond. The quality and play of light underwater fascinate me and you will therefore see a lot of images in my galleries where the subject is really the water itself and the light passing through it.
But then there are the other subjects. I have been within feet of blue whales, pods of over a hundred sperm whales, feeding sharks at night, pilot whale and humpback families with new-born calves... only in the ocean can you see such profusion of life so close and so intimately whist being under no illusion that you are out of your element and in one which belongs to others.
The intricacy of these worlds, the profusion of life in them and the beauty of the light which illuminates them is what I strive to capture in these images. Ultimately I know I must fail, but I don’t mind.

I hope you enjoy the images.

I have reached the final of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and was a finalist in the wildlife and underwater sections of the 2014 Hasselblad Masters. I am also featured in Hasselblad's "Victor" magazine issue two.

All images are for sale as C-type prints. See the "Prints for Sale" gallery for a selection.

Equipment used
Various handmade cameras
Hasselblad H4D40
Hasselblad H1
Canon 1dS markII with 17-40 mm lens (courtesy of Drew Sutton)
Toyo 45cf
Silvestri S4
Schneider lenses
Fuji 6x9
Nikonos V with 28mm, 20mm, 15mm and 12mm (Sea & Sea fisheye) lenses